A command line uploading tool for Flickr

Upflickr is fairly simple command line uploading tool for the Flickr photostream service. It has the following requirements:

Python 2.3 or above


A Flickr account

Download and install instructions:

The current version is 0.1. You can download upflickr here

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There isn't any install method. A proper distutils based install is on the ToDo list. For now, just download the script and use it like you would any Python script.


Upflickr has the following command line arguments:

Required arguments:

-e, --email The email address you use for logging into Flickr
-p, --password The password you use for logging into Flickr
-f, --file, --photo
 The filename of the photo you wish to upload

Optional Arguments:

-t, --title

The title you want your photo to have. If it's more than one word long enclose it double quotes like:

--title="This is a title"

-d, --description
The description you want for the photo.
Just like for title, if it's longer than one word enclose it in double quote. eg.

--description="The best photo ever taken"


The tags you want to give the photo. If you going to use more than one tag enclose them in double quotes (do you see a pattern here?) and seperate the tags with a space. For example:

--tags="red yellow lorry"

Optional Privacy Arguments

By default, when you upload a photo to flickr, it will use your default priacy settings. You can overide this behaviour with the following arguments

--is_public/--not_public set the public setting

--is_friend/--not_friend set the friend setting

—is_family/--not_family set the family setting

If for some reason you use conflicting arguments (for example, you use both --is_public and --not_public in the same command) upflickr will use the not setting. And to reiterate, if you don't use any of these options, then your default privacy settings (that you set in Flickr itself) is what will be used.


A real install method based on distutils

A man page

A debian package (which needs the above + playing with a patch to distutils that gives distutils the ability to create .debs) .rc file support so that email and password don't have to be specified every time

making --file optional (ie, if it's not there than use the first argument that optparse didn't parse as the filename). This should make upflickr easier to use in scripts

Licence Info:

Upflickr is released under the Open Software License version 2.1. While I am not a lawyer, the OSL seems to be reasonably semantically equivalent to the GPL, but without the tirade about software freedom at the beginning and starting with a Section 1 and not a section 0. While I am all for tirades about why software should be free and starting to count things at 0, I don't want that in any document that I might need to use to defend myself in court with.